The Rental Market is Dying a Slow Death

Bryan Miller
Published Jul 3, 2024

For those political people out there who thought former President Donald J. Trump was so polarizing that he had to be ousted from office, they seem to be awfully quite about current President Joe Biden whose vitriolic rhetoric aimed toward his political opponents puts Trump's to shame.

Though in a polarized atmosphere like current day America, it's to be expected that the partisans are sticking by Joe Biden and the Democrats in general.

The mainstream corporate media is already starting their election push to help Democrats in the midterms, and there's a force-field around Biden's presidency right now, despite how much Americans are suffering.

For instance, rental rates for apartments and homes rose again through September, now up to 13.4% nationwide on average, and no one is uttering a single word about it, except those sources and outlets that have already been labeled as "MAGA extremists" by mainstream corporate America.

Politics aside, this is crippling Americans.

The administration gets up and tells Americans that inflation is only 8% and that it's transitory and getting better, but every month the prices of essentials go up.

People are generally able to just sacrifice and redo their budgets when it comes to the incredibly high prices of food.

People will just opt not to buy new or used cars to help them against the rising price of the automobile market.

But what are people supposed to do when they cannot afford to live? The average small, single-family rental home is $2,495 per month. This is more than a 100% increase compared to two years ago.

Okay, this might not be all of President Biden's fault. Sure; it's a very complex system.

However, the President is not doing a single thing to help with this issue. He stands up and mutters out broken sentences that blame Vladimir Putin and Russia for America's suffering. He has a chance to address and calm the nation and instead just points out that all of his political opponents are dangerous and shouldn't be listened to.

For normal Americans, this is maddening. They want him to address problems like most Americans being priced entirely out of the rental market.

This is something that's true, and very terrifying.

The average American cannot afford to pay their rent.

People who have been forced to move cannot find an affordable place to live.

People are beyond their breaking points, and they're sick of hearing about how "Putin's War" is the reason they're having panic attacks over the possibility of being homeless.

What makes it an even bigger issue among normal Americans is that they see billions upon billions of dollars going to Ukraine every single week, yet not one spending bill has been passed to offer Americans emergency rental relief.

The government has abandoned the rental market entirely and have left it up to large corporations to dictate terms, something that Biden said he would never do when campaigning. He promised to crack down on corporations, not to enable them to control the entire market.

2022, Meet 2008

George W. Bush takes a lot of the blame for the housing collapse of 2008, but the truth is that corporations were responsible for ruining the entire economy, and the former President just sat back and let them do it.

Does any of that seem familiar today? The Chinese government, Blackrock, Vanguard, and other huge, multinational corporations are buying up every single bit of property in America, and they're setting the prices.

They're the ones pricing Americans out of the market, especially the rental market.

When it comes to high fuel prices, Biden stands up and demands that oil companies stop charging so much.

When it comes to high rental prices, Biden hasn't said a single word about them since he became President. It's like the administration knows that this issue is a loser, and so they avoid it at all costs.

Though it's coming quickly, whether people want to speak about it or not.

Rent, on average, is up over 13%, and this is weighted down due to the fact the rural rents are still relatively affordable for people who live way out in the sticks. For urban and suburban areas, rent is up over 20%. In big cities in America, it's up over 30%.

People cannot afford to pay their rent now, and nobody is doing a single thing about it. This is an issue that could potentially cripple America's economy.

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