5 Quick Tips to Find Tenants for Your Property

Jeffrey Simmons
Published Dec 2, 2023

Avoid feeling anxious if you can’t get tenants for your apartment or house because you can solve the problem. You might face challenges for several reasons, but you can do several things to improve your rental property and attract prospective renters. Here are five simple tips that can help you find tenants for your house or apartment within a short period:

1. Capture and Display Quality Images of the Property

Most renters focus first on the images you provide when looking for a rental property. That is why it is essential to have quality photos of your property. No one would enjoy living in a place that looks cold and dark. The people who approach you for your rental would prefer an inviting and warm house.

The photos you provide for your property will let potential tenants decide whether to visit your home. Quality photos will attract more renters to view your property. You can get online lessons on taking good pictures or hire an expert.

Whichever option you choose, ensure to provide accurate pictures that show the good side of the house. The photos should be clean, clear, and well-framed for the potential renters to see a precise picture of the place.

2. Provide Well-Written and Detailed Listings

Having a well-written and detailed listing will increase your chances of getting tenants for your property. Please provide specific details because most renters know the features they need when looking for a rental unit. If you give a good description, tenants will start looking for you quickly.

Things You Should Include in the Property Listing:
• The size of the bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and other available rooms
• The kind of floor on the house
• Restrictions to living with a cat
• Availability of a dryer or washer
• Patio or balcony
• Heating and cooling systems available
• Availability of public transport in the area
• The kind of neighborhood in the house is located
• Any other complex amenities

3. Elaborate on the Positive Side of the Property

The home you want to rent out might have a good neighborhood or a backyard that most people might love. The house may also have granite countertops, walk-in closets, or hardwood floors. Let the new tenants know about these developments to prepare them for additional rental costs.

Elaborate on everything in the listing. When you get interested tenants who tour the facility, let them know the features that make it unique. Explain the benefits the tenant will get from living in the unit and emphasize its assets.

4. Update Your Appliances

You might be facing challenges in finding tenants for your home because of the kind of appliances you have put in it. If the appliances are old, consider replacing them with new, modern ones. No one would prefer using a kitchen with an outdated stove when they could find a rental with new appliances.

You can start by replacing the refrigerator, oven, and stove. Then, apply a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and interior of the house to give it a new look. Find out the appliances most renters prefer in their houses and purchase them before looking for tenants.

5. Provide Prospective Renters with Move-In Deals

One of the ways that can enable you to find a renter fast is by offering special move-in deals. Most property managers and homeowners offer deals as a way of attracting tenants. Here are some suggestions on how to do that:
• Offer a “free month” to all tenants who sign a rental lease before the end of the previous month.
• Waive the security deposit for all tenants who occupy your property within a specified period. It might entice prospective renters to choose your property because it will enable them to save some cash. They can then use the money for other moving expenses like contracting movers.
• Offer your tenants a lower rental amount if they sign a longer lease. It’ll attract more renters, and you’ll indeed have long-term tenants.
• Forgo the application fees. Even though it might not significantly impact the renters, they will appreciate the reduced amount they’ll need to relocate to the new place.

You don’t have to struggle with finding tenants for your property; there are several things you can do to succeed at it. The above suggestions will enable you to find the tenants you need fast and forget about the challenging process.

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