Additional Housing Relief Still Needed in Wyoming

Manuel Simonis
Published Nov 3, 2023

While Wyoming recently increased funding for housing assistance programs, more aid is necessary to help all residents in need.

The additional $8 million will provide relief for some families struggling with rent, mortgages, and other costs.

However, demand continues to exceed available funds across the state.  

Rental Aid Only Scratches the Surface

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program received $5 million in extra funding, bringing the total to $11 million.

This will help approved applicants pay rent and utilities. However, the Wyoming Department of Family Services says they have received far more requests than they can currently fund.

Many vulnerable groups like:
  • expectant mothers
  • families with children
  • elderly residents
  • disabled individuals
still require aid.

Without it, they face difficult choices between rent, food, medicine, and other necessities. More funding and resources are urgently needed to assist all these households.

Homeowners Also Left Behind  

While the Mortgage Relief Program added $3 million, this is still not enough.

The program has so far distributed $2.4 million to help nearly 150 homeowners avoid foreclosure. But many more Wyoming residents struggle each month to pay mortgages and stay in their homes. 

With the cost of living rising faster than wages, it is difficult for most families to set aside money for unexpected hardships.

Programs like these provide a crucial lifeline preventing people from losing their homes during financial crises. Additional funding would allow the program to reach more homeowners in need of help.

Call for Ongoing Support  

Housing insecurity is an ongoing issue that requires continuous support.

While these recent funds offer temporary relief for some, state officials say more is needed to help all Wyoming residents with unstable housing situations.

Affordable housing remains out of reach for many in Wyoming and across the country. Programs that help families pay rent, mortgages, and utilities need to be expanded to match the scale of the problem. For struggling households, stable housing can make the difference between hardship and hope.

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