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San Diego Landlords Face Pressure to Comply with Rent Control Laws

San Diego landlords are under scrutiny for violating the city's rent control ordinance by illegally raising rents on tenants. The Tenant Protection Act caps rent increases at 10% annually, but some ...

Housing and Manufacturing Lead the Economic Recovery

Thursday, January 21 — the Department of Labor's jobs report finds that fewer Americans filed for unemployment compensation over the past week. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to infect hundreds of t...

Mainstream Media Gloats About Landlords Raising Rental Rates

There is currently a housing crisis going on in America, and a lot of economic experts believe that it's going to ultimately rival the housing collapse of 2008. The issue here is that there's a housing...

Housing Inflation and Economic Injustice

The United States of America, per usual, is dealing with a very polarizing issue that seems to split people into two sides. Only unlike presidential elections and vaccine mandates, this issue isn't really a 50/50 event split....

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